Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 13 Mar 2006
Country Ethiopia
Weather Sunny
Diary Ethiopian border. Border at Metema was refreshingly easy. Left Clare and Nye in the car and went with the girls to get passports stamped. Found the immigration office in a real round African hut complete with huge hardwood leather coated desk. The immigration officer stamped our passports and then handed me a “Customer Satisfaction Form” I have since found out that the President and 14 of his top civil servants have completed an MBA with the Open University, hence the feedback form! Returned to the LR to find the car 6 deep in Ethiopians, noses pressed against the glass, peering into the LR at a bemused Clare and Nye. It is strange that 100 metres makes such a difference, it is almost like throwing a switch and changing from tall, graceful people on the Sudanese side to shortish, “normal” inhabitants on the Ethiopian side. LR went through customs after about 30km and I was amazed that all the paperwork took less than 10 minutes to complete. Wonderful! Still a dirt road to 12km before Gonder, but seemed much smoother and a lot less dustier on the Ethiopian side. Pic shows the "BOSS" in her hunter gatherer mode at Lake Tana
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