Diary Day
ella's Diary
Date 19 Feb 2006
Country Egypt (Aswan)
Weather Sunny
Diary Thought out the middle east and Egypt there has been constant spelling misakes! Chick point-Check Point Asswan-Aswan Gomels-Camels Sneak Show-Snake Show Billy Dancing-Belly Dancing Cheps-Chips Coff Shop-Coffee Shop Chad-Shade Pain (boneless)-we havent worked this out yet Beep Stek-Beef Steak Shacspear-Shakespear Nuba nil hotel-Nuba nile hotel union soup-onion soup foul- a breakfast of beans - ful - pronounced fool. Think Ella has already covered this, but I have enjoyed some unusual dishes in Egypt. I’ve chosen from “Beep Stak” “T-Boon Stak” and “Lamp Chop” as well as eating “Foul” (Not really a spelling mistake this one as it is!) Bill Morris would go mad for the “Union Soup” and “Chicken ‘fraid” can be eaten with some “Tost” or “Chaps”. Might I suggest a “Banana Splat” for desert and if you get lost on the way to the restaurant just follow the instructions “El- dahar – FronT OFImPiRE Three CORnERS HOTEL IN THE CORneR” there, couldn’t be clearer (Just happens to be off “Hospital Road” Draw your own conclusions. Police “Chickpoints” are my favourite. Policeman approaches “Where you from?” “England” (It saves time explaining the history of the UK) “Ah good England… David Beckham, Owen etc etc” Counting….”Sex?” “Yes SIX” then back to the beginning “Where you from?” etc All said with a delightful smile. Actually, the amount of effort the Egyptians put into learning English is amazing, I can’t remember any restaurants in Bath with an Arabic menu and I’m sure they will improve with a little more proof reading.
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