Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 26 Feb 2006
Country Sudan
Weather Much hotter than very hot
Diary Why Welshmen find Sudan difficult. (or why short people shouldn't come to Sudan) 1. Urinals are halfway to the ceiling. May suit the tall Sudanese with a 42 inch inside leg, but a bit of a struggle for us short-legged (28 inch) Welshmen…Anyone got a step ladder? 2. Difficult to reach (and see over) counters at banks. 3.Stepping from the road to the pavement requires mountaineering equipment. 4. Tendency to get caught in the mouth by elbows. 5. Feeling of inadequacy when everyone looks like a handsome, graceful second row forward and you are the only prop in the country. At least in the UK there is always someone uglier than you in every rugby team! (And all uglier in Midsummer-Norton!) 6.Having to look up to women to avoid addressing their breasts….oh sorry, we already address breasts automatically anyway! 7.No beer. 8.No alcohol at all.
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