Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 24 Feb 2006
Country Sudan
Weather Scorching hot
Diary The road along the Nile from Wadi Halfa to Dongola is one bitch of a track. I don’t mind the deep sand, ruts, gullies, bull dust and rocks but the bloody corrugations are just the pits. It’s a bit like driving over 500 miles of mini-speedbumps placed 10 centimetres from each other. The theory is that you increase speed until the suspension harmonics smooth out the ride….I’ve decided that my Land Rover is not very musical….at least in the suspension department! It’s like being pounded with a jack hammer up the arse for mile after mile after mile. Sudan would definitely win the Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for dust. Even the dust is dusty. It has got to be the pinnacle of dustiness….I think you’ve got the picture now…..tarmac? no never heard of it! Can only recognize the kids from their heights as all a uniform sandy brown colour. It is now very hot as well and we are all drinking lots and lots of water (with dust chasers)
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