Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 23 Feb 2006
Country Sudan
Weather Sunny (V hot)
Diary Sudanese immigration and customs were absolutely fine. Again the kids are a big topic of conversation “What, only four….I have seven, by two wives”….”yes, but I’ve left my other 8 in Britain” etc etc Always feels like a game of top trumps… Checked into very basic hotel in WH to await car…kept the kids occupied for 2 hours by sending them off in different directions to find the hotel swimming pool…”What you haven’t found it yet?” Funnily, they never did find it. We were put in the “family area” of the hotel full of cheery Sudanese families …”Come on, pull your beds out in the courtyard, we’re having a party and so it continued to the early hours with our kids teaching the Sudanese kids how to play rugby making up most of the rules as they went along, but lets face it, I’ve only been playing for 30 years and I still can’t fathom the rules….it will come in time! News arrived that the car had arrived so I joined the Germans in the back of a pick up for a mad dash across the desert to the “port” “Now I know how Rommel felt” I remarked to Matthias. “I was going to say that, but was worried you wouldn’t understand” he replied. Lovely man Matthias. Got the cars off a lot easier than getting them on and cleared customs. Fast and efficient. “Do you have any wine?” the customs colonel asked me (Sudan is dry in more than one sense of the word) “No, I don’t have any wine” I could truthfully reply!
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