Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 21 Feb 2006
Country Sudan (Wadi Halfa)
Weather Sunny (V hot)
Diary Arrived on board at 12, ferry finally left at about 4.30pm. Solved the problem of having to talk to Clare by buying a British newspaper from 18th Feb. from an enterprising Egyptian boy on the quayside, “Yes, happens all the time, sir” he remarked “ Give her this newspaper and she’ll be asleep in about 5 mins” (Daily Telegraph) “Bingo, peaceful voyage…unless you strike an iceberg or something of course” Retired to our 1st class cabins (Sounds better than reality!) but, they were a lot better than 2nd class in the bowels of the ship. Lovely crew, they even let our official Health and safety Officer (Nye) drive (steer? navigate?) for a little bit. Can’t imagine them allowing that on the P&O Dover-Calais route. Kids were very dissapointed that there was no “soft play area” like the Portsmouth Le Harve boat.Ferry chugged through the night and arrived Wadi Halfa at 9am next morning. Finally were allowed to leave the boat at 12. Pic shows that careful loading works.
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