Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 20 Feb 2006
Country Egypt(Ferry to Wadi Halfa)
Weather Sunny
Diary Aswan – Wadi-Halfa You should be able to drive between Egypt and the Sudan, they share this enormous border, but no, due to the pathetically sad world that is international relations you have to take a 17 hour ferry trip along Lake Nasser. What makes it worse is that they won’t allow me to share a bed with the Land Rover which has to leave 24 hours before the ferry on a rusty old barge (to make sure it arrives in the same month as the ferry which is “very, very, very fast” ”No, no” I protest. “Can’t I send my wife by barge and keep the LR with me…please… it’ll get lonely by itself” No. Panic grips me, does this mean I’ll have to actually communicate with Clare for the duration of the journey???! What am I going to talk about? She’s heard all my rugby jokes! Loading the Land Rover was nerve wracking, but there were 3 German cars going at the same time, so they soon had everything organized and the dockers trained up to TuV and DIN standards. “You do it like this…Ja”. I may have a bit of a laugh here, but without them the LR would have probably ended up at the bottom of the lake and I don’t think I would have been able to muddle my way out of that! Thanks lads! After dabbing the tears from my eyes and singing a few verses of “The leaving of Liverpool” as the LR disappeared over the horizon I turned my attention to the passenger ferry. “What time does the ferry leave tomorrow?” I asked the harbour master. “ Yes, tomorrow, it leaves” “What time? “Yes, it leaves tomorrow insh’allah” Oh, well, better make it about midday at the port then to be on the safe side.
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