Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 19 Feb 2006
Country Egypt (Aswan)
Weather Sunny
Diary Another hairdressing experience. Well, it’s border crossing time again, so calls for another tidy up. So off to the barbers I go. Price agreed, scissors snipping everything seems to be going well until he decides to start a conversation over the very loud Arabic music. “You like Egyptian music?”….”Err , yes it’s lovely” …”I get one for you now, not expensive” ….”Errrrr, what? A CD?” “No, girl, beautiful Egyptian giirrrrl!” ….Errr sorry, I thought you said MUSIC?” ….”What?” …”.What?” ….”What?” Lapse into silence, then 5 mins later….”So you want Egyptian girl?” (Quick change the subject) “Err, no thanks. I’m sure she is very nice, but….who is this singing?” “My children will be waiting for me….do you have any children? etc etc And I make a mental note to buy a hearing aid when I get back to the UK. A final snip and voila! I start to get up….”No, no not finished yet, sit down!” He brings out a large spool of cotton and removes a piece, doubles it and holds one end in either hand whilst applying tension with his teeth….”I make you an Egyptian man” ….”Your wife, she love you!”I can’t really be bothered to explain that it would take more than the perfect haircut to make Clare love me (but that’s another story!) Anyway, the cotton is placed against the skin and tension is applied, trapping the eyebrow, nose, ear and any other hair that happens to get in the way, then with a rapid yank the hairs are pulled out at the roots and after 10 minutes of pure agony and after a final flourish of the cut throat razor across my eyelids I was finished. Off back to the hotel to find myself an object of ridicule instead of an Egyptian love machine….”Where are your eyebrows dad?” massive giggling ensues. I would argue that this experience has put me more in touch with my feminine side, never having waxed anything! Pic shows my new sex god eyebrows.
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