Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 06 Feb 2006
Country Egypt
Diary Left Dahab on 6th Feb. We have stocked up on audio books and some music (much to Clare’s relief who is tiring of my eclectic taste in music (national anthems of the world, welsh male voice choirs, Abba, Billy Bragg) from the impressively organized Ben and Vivienne also traveling in a LR and en route to SA after a working stop in Dahab. It was reassuring to meet some fellow travelers who know as little about the workings of a LR as us! We headed into the middle of the Sinai to St Katherine’s Monastery. Impressive desert scenery. This is where Moses received the 10 commandments from God. It is now home to 24 Greek Orthodox Monks and hordes of Russian tourists who had all been up since 3am climbing Mount Sinai. We (not known for early rising) contented ourselves with looking at the ‘Burning Bush’ long since extinguished and the many icons inside the church. Tess took copious notes (Olwyn – there is hope for all our family yet!) whilst Polly talked to all the camels and donkeys like old friends. Nye avoids eye contact with all animals in case they come closer.
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