Diary Day
tess's Diary
Date 16 Feb 2006
Country Egypt (Luxor)
Weather Sunny
Diary We escaped the convoy until we got closer Luxor. We went so fast even at times reaching 85mph and you should have been going at 20! No wonder people don’t like the tourists if they go speeding along the quiet roads overtaking everyone! Sometimes the convoy put their sirens on! Polly slept through all of it,( lucky her!) Nye as the health and safety officer obviously said “it’s not safe”! We got to Luxor in one piece though luckily! We went to a campsite and they had a square swimming pool and the deep end was about 2metres. He said you could jump into it from the first floor but some people are crazy and jumped from the 3rd floor. There was big chess and the man at the camp was really nice. The camp is called Rezeiky camp. We paid for a room merely because we couldn’t be bothered to put the tent up. The next day we all went swimming except Nye. It was absolutely fafrafreeeeeeezing but I still swam. After lunch Mum, Polly and I went to Luxor temple. We walked along the Nile and it did take a while. It was sortoth worth it! There were loads of pigeon poop. One of the obelisks from the temple2 had been given to Paris. There were big statues. Outside the temple there was a avenue of sphinx that used to go down to Karnack temple. We got a horse and carriage back to Rezeiky camp. We said we would have a look at the market but he stopped at a herb the least thing we would want to buy! The stuff was really expensive! We got some hibiscus tea and vanilla it was such a hassle! The music was awful! We went to Karnack sound and light that was good but a bit over the top mum says even though I thought it was good and interesting. The next day we went to the Valley of the Kings it was really good and interesting! We got a motor boat across the Nile he went slowly so he could try and sought out business. He offered 90 Egyptian pounds for a taxi driven by his uncle and a boat back across the Nile. 90 Egyptian pounds is 9 English pounds. He said he would take us to 3 places. We went to the Valley of the Kings first. I found it interesting and one was really far under the ground and it was so hot! I could read some hieroglyphs. I do want to be an Egyptologist when I’m older. We went in 3 tombs well I went in 4. We went in the best tombs. We went in the taxi to a temple called something like hot chicken soup. It looked really modern from the outside. We went to the colossi and then got the boat back. We left to Aswan the next day.
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