Diary Day
ella's Diary
Date 18 Feb 2006
Country Egypt (Aswan)
Weather Sunny
Diary Today we went on a felucca. A felucca is a boat with a sail and no engine. It needs two people to sail it. The man steering the boat always had an upside down mouth (he was always grumpy). The other man was very friendly and mum couldn’t help noticing his very clean teeth – some people in Egypt don’t seem to use toothpaste and they drink lots of sweet tea (4-5 teaspoons of sugar in one small cup). We saw lots of people catching fish. A lot of the people of the tourists on feluccas were wearing bright orange fluorescent jackets so people could spot them drowning in the Nile and the boys in their little handmade boats could spot them and sell things to them or ask for baksheesh. Baksheesh is money for tip. We sailed round elephantine island. It is called that because it has grey boulders the colour and shape of elephants. We saw lots of egrets and the Cataract hotel, famous for Agatha Christie’s book ‘Death on the Nile’. The man on the boat had a little camp cooker and he made us tea with out water. They drink the water from the Nile which they said was clean (!!). We went past an island with rich man living there in a big house and he keeps crocodiles in pools in his garden. When they grow too big he stuffs them and hangs them in his house. On Monday we are going on a big boat along Lake Nasser to Sudan. The lake is above the Aswan dam and there are big crocodiles there – not a good day for a dip!
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