Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 07 Feb 2006
Country Egypt
Weather Sunny
Diary Left to come to Cairo and were stopped at a police checkpoint where they tried to insist on providing us with an armed guard as far as Suez. The conversation went something like this….”But we have no room” “It’s ok the man is small” ”He won’t fit” “No, no, he really is very, very small” Eventually we talked them out of providing an armed dwarf and the journey passed uneventfully. Went under the Suez canal which was difficult to see as it is a military zone with both banks stuffed with Egyptian tanks, artillery and infantry all ready for WW3. Rest of the trip to Cairo all desert until you are suddenly confronted by this huge city of 16million people in the narrow fertile belt of land from the Nile to the desert. Cairo seems even more hectic than it was last time we were here but the LR is suitably imposing for urban traffic mayhem. Found the campsite we had stayed at in 1989, but now surrounded by housing and flyovers although you can still see the Pyramids from it (just) All the grass seems to have died in the intervening 17 years just leaving a dustbowl. This dust coated everything and had to get the hosepipe out and hose down the kids to find them again. Parents-in-law are flying in tomorrow and really don’t want them to think that standards have dropped so decided to find a good hotel near to them for the duration of their stay. Ended up at the Movenpick, an island of Swiss cleanliness and according to the children is “heaven” with its heated swimming pool and breakfast buffet including chocopops!
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