Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 01 Feb 2006
Country Egypt (Dahab)
Weather Sunny
Diary Dahab Got the fast ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba (Egypt) and met a guy from Wrexham (my home town) on the boat. He had just completed two years as an overland driver in the middle east and so was a font of knowledge about the area, hotels and camping. Funny how you run into people when you need them! He introduced us to his contact ‘Ali’ in the tourist police at Nuweiba port and with his help it only took us 3 hours to clear customs …that is with about 100 customs and immigration people to check about 15 cars….’Do you have any guns?’ No ‘Bombs?’ etc etc (and if I did would I say "It's a fair cop guv") Lots of pieces of paper and fiscal stamps later we were on our way to Dahab. The road was a motorcyclists dream but the LR does not respond to leaning round corners. Bored Clare silly by talking her round the corners from a motorcycles perspective...sometimes wonder if I am a bit autistic! Dahab is a back packers paradise with the focus mainly on diving. Hope to watch rugby (England V Wales) here and head off to Cairo via St Katherine’s Monastery on 5th Feb. Shouldn’t have so many anti-Welsh suggestions here. Ella, Tess and Clare went snorkeling. Tried to take Polly but the sea is a bit bigger than the average bath so no joy. I did manage to teach her to swim though …my educational responsibility that ..PE. By the way, if anyone spots this hot chick in a rubber suit could you get her name and phone number for me!
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