Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 27 Jan 2006
Country Jordan (Wadi Rum)
Weather Sunny
Diary Pic of LR in the desert and Ella sulking.Wadi Rum Shades of Lawrence of Arabia which was mostly filmed in this area with Wadi Rum playing Wadi Rum and the Nefud. Deserts are full of sand (special subject:the bleeding obvious) but it is surprising how much vegetation and wildlife there is in such a desolate and dry area. Spent a few days driving through the desert and camping at night. Great to have the fridge and a cold beer at the end of the day …there is nothing like roughing it. With a campfire burning, a cold beer in hand and the stars overhead it should have been possible to relax except for Polly who was very disappointed not to be able to have a shower. ‘Where’s the shower, Mum?’ Finally instead of going back to Rum village and then on the tarmac to Aqaba we decided to try and emulate Lawrence’s feat by sweeping out of the desert to take Aqaba by surprise. This route involved some of the most difficult sandy terrain we had encountered but with the LR in low ratio we managed it. This is one of the only times the satellite navigation has been useful for us as although there are no roads in the desert it does show you that you are heading the right direction…..as did the sun and compass dangling round Tess’ neck. Although it does save on the arguements....
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