Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 25 Jan 2006
Country Jordan (Petra)
Weather Cloudy
Diary Petra Still as wonderful as I remember it. Walked around with Polly and Nye. They were great companions to have and did really well to keep up. They asked lots of questions about the Romans and the Empire but I was a little disconcerted to find they link everything with Asterix. ‘so did Asterix meet Julius Ceasar here Dad? Did they have a magic potion in Petra?’. The entry fee of £25 is high (Polly and Nye were free) but on balance is worth it. I always thought £9 at the Roman Baths was outrageous for visitors. I really would not like to be here in the summer though.En route to Petra we stayed at Dana – a wonderful nature reserve with views down the Dead Sea valley. Pic of Petra with Polly near the Treasury
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