Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 21 Jan 2006
Country Jordan
Weather Sunny
Diary Things that I miss: 1.Evening classes in philosophy with Pete, Tom, Mossy, Phil etc in the Star and Old Green Tree 2.Rugby on a Saturday afternoon with Combe Down 3.Visiting Bristol rugby with Pete and Tom and having one of Tony’s real Cornish pasties at half time 4.Challenge of running a business. Provided me with somewhere to go during the day! 5.Clare’s parents being in close and constant contact with all of us 6.The beauty and ease of everyday life in Bath and knowing how everything works 7.My family in North Wales and Sheffield 8.The kids hamsters (“if Pip is a Syrian hamster, Dad would she have needed a passport to visit Syria?) My answer explains that she is as British as us and as a multi-cultural society we celebrate her Syrian origins but confer all the rights and responsibilities that all British hamsters of Syrian origin deserve. Things that I don’t miss 1.The constant hectic pace of life where you never have time to think 2.The ‘state’ control that we are all so accepting of in Britain these days. Being treated like an untrustworthy child by the government where I used to be treated like a responsible adult. We used to live in ‘free’ country. It is sad that I feel ‘liberated’ in Jordan whatever that reality is.( Oh no – he is off on one of those rants – quick click to another page. C) 3.British Telecom (enough said) 4.Being made to feel like a weirdo when striking up a conversation with a stranger (Tom will know this one!)
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