Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 17 Jan 2006
Country Syria
Weather Sunny
Diary Land Rover 110 CSW writes: We seem to be quite evenly matched in many respects. I am never going to win any beauty contests and sophisticated I am not. I am not the fastest thing around but I am quite rugged if overweight. My owner could also fit the adjectives above so either we are well matched or whether the old adage of opposites attract fit will have to wait for a later date. He hasn’t really given me the full opportunity to show him what I can do yet although in the snow in ex-Yugoslavia I feel that I acquitted myself well despite his pitiful driving abilities. My main gripe concerns the children who I am supposed to convey in comfort and style with a total lack of respect on their part. They have treated me like a playground/rubbish tip and although they frequently praise me it doesn’t make up for the abuse they put me through (although they did buy my owner a small brush to sweep me out for his birthday). As for my mistress she really needs to learn the finer points of clutch control before I’ll agree to let her drive me again. Letting the kids change gear is definitely Land Rover abuse and I wish my owner had not installed that third seat in the front where little hands and feet constantly fiddle/interfere with gears/radio/diff locks etc. On balance I think my owner has been moderately kind to me and I am seeing more interesting places that the average muddy field. It is nice to meet all the other LRs from Solihul along the way. I had a very interesting conversation with a much abused Series 2 in Syria the other week and am glad that my owner takes better care of me. It makes me shudder to think of the abuse my older cousin has had to put up with including a mis-spelt badge of Land Rofar on his dented bonnet! Perhaps someone in England would start a Land Rover sanctuary where old abused and no longer loved LRs from around the world could live out their days within sight of the gentle Birmingham fog that spawned us. Overall I don’t feel loved but am sure I am respected. It is the same with all arranged marriages – respect comes first and hopefully love will develop in a mutually beneficial partnership fostered by honesty, respect and loving care. Other LRs can write to me with their views of their owners at ash@enterpriseafrica.org.uk
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