Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 19 Jan 2006
Country Jordan (Dead Sea)
Weather Sunny!
Diary Jordan Lovely to be back. Last time we came here was 15 years ago and it has changed since then. Everything seems bigger and brighter. The customs and immigration offices are friendly but the system seems to have been designed by a British bureaucrat on a bad day. Amman is clean, newish and full of bright young things. Driving is still difficult though. Trip to Dead Sea along with most of population of Amman on sunny Friday day off. Kids full of questions about the Dead Sea. “Dad, if you had a boat with a hole in it, would it float?” Would the Titanic have floated? Would the Land Rover float? If you fell asleep would you float? Would a rock float? The road to the Dead Sea seems to plummet rather than decline and it is hard to explain to children why we are not going to drown at 150 metres below sea level. The Dead Sea is the border with the West Bank and the efficient looking Jordanian army is much in evidence. Despite their tough military looks they can’t resist returning a smile. They are all equipped with beautifully clean sand brown Land Rovers which puts our grubby vehicle to shame ….they probably tut-tut in our wake. The big drawback to all this development is Pizza Hut, McDonalds and KFC are much in evidence. We have managed to avoid these by spotting something far more interesting on the other side of the road to provide distraction when passing by. We did succumb to children’s pleas on our way back from Dead Sea. The picture on the wall is apparently exactly the same as the one they have in Bath according to the kids ….so the rapid rise of globalization continues.
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