Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 18 Jan 2006
Country Syria/Jordan border
Weather Sunny with my own personal raincloud tipping it down whenever out of the car
Diary Well, what can I say about Syria? Very cheap, safe and with some really impressive sites to visit. Diesel @ 13.5p per litre , even with the diesel tax of $100 (tax that all non-Syrian diesel powered vehicles have to pay once on entering the country) it is seriously cheap to fill up. Restaurants (a meal for 6 for £10 including drinks and even eating in a beautifully restored Syrian townhouse will only set you back a bit more). The food is great if a tad repetitive after a while. Despite the political situation the Syrians are very welcoming and the level of English many people have would put your average British teenager to shame. Didn’t try the lambs testicles (or sheeps brains) though the girls had a merry ten minutes giggling and explaining to Nye what they were. Little Britain’s “but I am a lady…” surfaced!
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