Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 16 Jan 2006
Country Syria (Palmyra)
Diary Left Aleppo a day later than planned - the first of no doubt many tummy bugs hit Ella and Nye and day needed to recover. Got hopelessly lost getting through Homs and were rescued by a shopping expedition of Syrians buying supplies to feed big group of romanians! Insisted on taking us home with them and introducing to extended family. We would have been entertained along with the Romanians if we had not insisted that we needed to get our poorly son to Palmyra. Kids saw first desert and bored after exactly 5 minutes "is this all there is in a desert. Dad?" . Lots of Bedouin live in Syria's desert - herds of sheep and goats graze an area before they move on - we did notice a fair number of trucks parked up by tents and even one with a satellite dish!. Palmyra similar to Ephesus in Turkey but in desert setting. Temple of Bel very impressive but kids more interested in possibility of camel rides so we managed to explore ruins with them riding camels learning 'facts about camels' rather than history. (they live for 40 years and are then eaten by owner!)
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