Diary Day
clare's Diary
Date 12 Jan 2006
Country Syria
Weather too cold by far
Diary It was too good to be true - all that good health and luxury - like a holiday really. All came to an end in Syria where three of kids have been thoroughly sick. Only Polly continues to bounce through life. Nye threw up spectacularly in the street when I was out with all but Ella who was back at the hotel being nursed by Ashley. The Syrians however are lovely people 'Oh mama, mama' they cried, bottles of water appeared from nowhere and endless offers of help. I think at home everyone would steer a wide berth. Traffic in Aleppo has undone years of road safety training of the stop, look and listen and walk when it is clear variety. Syrians have told me kindly to 'just walk, they will stop for you!' so we set off weaving a terrifying course between the honking cars and it does work or has so far. Kids have to be held firmly by the hand so they don't take fright and retreat to nearest pavement - they will be fearless on streets of Bath after this. All in all a bit of an eye opener for them really ...nothing like anywhere else they have been. Disapointing weather - we are a bit sick of being so cold and look longingly at the temperatures further south...we'll have to hurry up in that direction.
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