Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 01 Oct 2006
Country SA Cape Town
Weather Sunny
Diary We are very, very lucky people…that’s what I keep saying to myself…We met a South African couple at a campsite in Mozambique sometime ago and Clare got talking to them, unusually for me (I do love the sound of my own voice) I didn’t as they were in a Toyota (got to draw the line somewhere!) Anyway, to cut a long story short they invited us to housesit for them if we were in Cape Town at the end of September/beginning of October. We really had no idea that their house would be overlooking the beach at Llandudno…yes, a Welsh seaside resort, but pronounced slightly differently in SA. We have had a wonderful two weeks relaxing and amazingly have actually made a decision about our return to Bath…..We have booked flights with BA on 11th November and will be getting back for a wonderful British winter, and I’m not missing too much of the rugby season (Is there still a place for me with Combe Down second team? Where have I put my rugby boots? Can I still sprint athletically over 5 (3?) yards at least once every three games? I managed to get to see a game of rugby at Newlands stadium and took the kids and Erwin and Suzanne, being Dutch, they didn’t know the rules (does anyone?) and spent most of the game explaining (confusing?) them with my interpretation of the simple game that is rugby…being a prop forward I always thought it was about biting peoples ears off and having your nipples twisted in the scrums (Owww Smudger, that hurts!!) but apparently there is more to it than that! We watched Western Province V the Griquas and it was a great game until it started to rain when even the legendary second row forward with no hands, Mossy Jones Moss, (Combe Down second team and England legend) could have shown them a thing or two about ball handling skills. That is the way to beat South Africa at rugby…make sure you leave the hosepipe on. PIC SHOWS: View from our balcony in Llandudno.
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