Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 01 Sep 2006
Country Namibia Fish River Canyon
Weather Sunny
Diary Fish River Canyon 30th, 31st August Clare was very keen to see this, but frankly if you’ve seen the Grand Canyon in the USA and the Colca Canyon in Peru you would be forgiven for missing it…although maybe I’m just a little jaded and those green rolling hills are once again calling me to them. We are staying at the hot springs in Ai-Ais and the kids are looking like a sad genetic experiment gone wrong…rather like prunes crossed with a cooked lobster, but they have had a great day in the hot water….I’ve spent most of the day denying myself these pleasures as I have been writing this drivel. I know it’s not much, but I have to have some discipline in my poor sad life (apart from the much more painful discipline provided by Clare that is)PIC SHOWS: YES, CLARE AND ASHLEY ARE STILL VERY MUCH IN LOVE.....JUST TAKE A COUPLE OF STEPS BACK DEAR.
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