Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 17 Sep 2006
Country Lesotho
Weather Sunny
Diary Lesotho Took the infamous Sani Pass into Lesotho.I had heard all kinds of terrible stories but LR with no name handled it all without going below low 2. Reminds me a bit of Ethiopia with children begging by side of road. Note on Lesotho Altitude in much of the area is above 3000 metres (about 10000 feet). Maseru paved its first street when QEII ( the Queen not the liner) visited in 1947 – ok Princess Elizabeth) Funnily enough it had remained an independent kingdom from South Africa thanks to French missionaries who deemed it their turf and managed to influence the Brits enough for them to withdraw from the area in 1854. However the Boers were soon chipping away at Basutoland(I’ve met quite a few people who still call it that!) so the Brits decided to rule it direct which meant it wasn’t included in the Union of SA. Full independence was granted in 1960 and again constitutional difficulties meant that Lesotho didn’t really become stable until 2002. Strapline at the border is “ peace, rain and prosperity” conjuring up visions of the Swiss ruling a country on top of Mount Snowdon populated mainly by Americans. Stayed at stunning Malealea Lodge still snow around and the kids and Clare went horse riding, I gave it a miss as I don’t fancy being on the hit list of the Militant list of the RSPCA and besides horses always look distinctly nervous when I approach “Oh no, hope I don’t get the big bugger!” People and water (White Gold) are the biggest exports which is maybe why it is twinned with Wales. The national costume consists of blankets thrown over the shoulder and white or pink wellies. Very fetching! PIC SHOWS: I say old chap, have the jolly old elephant gun loaded and pass it up here.
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