Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 15 Sep 2006
Country SA Bloemfontein
Weather Sunny
Diary Bloemfontein. Stayed at the Moulin Rouge a once famous brothel and now a very nice hotel. I kept calling the owner Danny, but he kept saying “No, it’s Danielle!” whilst stroking his fragrant, show poodles. Spent our time mostly shopping and on car maintenance. New tyre to replace a well-worn BF Goodrich with a nasty stone damage on the sidewall. One of the bulbs in my macho 4X4 driving lights had gone and couldn’t find 100W bulbs so bought two 130w bulbs….can now roast a rabbit at 100 paces. Heard Adriaan Flock ex-minister for law and order under apartheid government washed some vicar’s feet in an act of contrition as he had tried to kill him.PIC SHOWS: Fastest land mammal meets slowest land mammal (although I’m pretty quick over 3 yards)
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