Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 08 Aug 2006
Country Zambia/Namibia
Weather Sunny
Diary Zambia to Namibia The Victoria Falls were as impressive as waterfalls can be. Some statistics for the soon to be extremely bored: Vic Falls are 1.7km wide (Niagra 1km) 108 metres high (Niagra 58 metres) and has an average flow of one million litres per second….wouldn’t take long to fill a bath then….you know that stupid sort of question they ask in your CSE maths exam...”If the Victoria Falls flow at one million litres per second, how long would Superman have to rescue Loris Lane before she drowns?” (Assume L.L is weighted down with anchor chain and that the bath holds 200 litres) and other such garbage. I found the people bungee jumping off the Zim/Zam bridge far more interesting, but I can’t quite get my head around why anyone would pay £50 to be terrified, perhaps it is because we are not allowed to do anything dangerous in our normal lives anymore before the “safety police” start to whinge or maybe they are just mad. I suppose the answer to the Superman question is “Until she can’t hold her breath anymore and then it depends how good Superman is at the kiss of life (That’s if he’s carrying his dental dam, that is)”…but CSE examiners never thought of the bleedin’ obvious. PIC SHOWS: UNDERFED LR DEVOURING OVERFED WELSHMAN.
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