Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 25 Aug 2006
Country Namibia
Weather Sunny and foggy
Diary Walvis Bay, Soltaire & Sesriem 25th & 26th August Had an attack of jealousy today, ran into some English bikers from Wiltshire on a KTM and a wonderful R80GS. Oh how I miss the motorcycles…really felt like saying “swap the LR with no name for the R80GS”, but I don’t think they would have welcomed the baggage as I disappeared over the horizon! Anyway Sesriem and Sossusvlei are like giant sandpits and the LR with no name had a great time passing stuck Toyotas in the dunes. The LR with no name absolutely loves the sand and it never fails to amaze me what it is capable of with the tyres let down to 1 bar it will go anywhere a camel can despite weighing 3.5 tonnes. Polly summed it all up by saying “It’s just like Weston-Super-Mare without the sea” although whenever I’ve visited WSM the sea is usually 3 miles away. PIC SHOWS: AFTER TWO WEEKS IN THE DESERT YOU TOO CAN LOOK AS HANDSOME AND RUGGED AS THIS (SCRUFFY AND SMELLY?)
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