Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 23 Aug 2006
Country Namibia
Weather Sunny and foggy
Diary Spitzkoppe to Swakopmund 23rd Known rather optimistically as “The Matterhorn” of Namibia Spitzkoppe really was very nice and managed to impress the jaded travellers amongst us. It is amazing heading down to the coast…hot, boiling sun and suddenly, about 10km from the coast a cold, cloudy, dampness…not quite drizzle, but enough to keep the salt road along the coast slippery. Headed for the seal colony at Cape Cross and were overpowered by the smell rather like a cross between the worst kind of public toilet (a vogon toilet) and a smell of death on the Stuart Highway in Australia where road trains run over animals leaving them to putrefy in the desert sun. Kids loved it though. Drove to Swakopmund which has distinctly Germanic features and eventually found somewhere to stay. Tess bought “The SAS Survival Guide” the next day and can now build a semi-detached house out of straw and mud with running water in the desert…..What happened to “The SAS Guide To Relationships” then…could be a number one best seller as we all know that the lads from Hereford are in touch with their feminine side….”How to use your wife’s stockings as a garrotte and make it look like a tragic accident” ( I told her auto-erotic asphyxiation shouldn’t involve her number nine dernier tights officer) could be chapter one and chapter two could be “How to make your husband explode by tying him down and filling him with beer without leaving any bruising” could be chapter 2 although in my case Clare wouldn’t have to tie me down! Went to the National Aquarium which was at least as good as the one in Weston-Super-Mare.
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