Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 10 Aug 2006
Country Namibia
Weather Sunny
Diary Ondongo hot springs 20th & 21st Very nice spot for a bit of a relax. Hot spring pool was occupied by a naked Italian lady with a very deep husky voice and an all over tan which wasn’t a shock after coming from Kaokoland (Himba) and our kids were soon in there jumping and splashing around. Needed a cooked breakfast the next day after over indulging in the strong SA wine with a group of people from Bushwakka trailers from Worcester in South Africa although a lot of them seemed to be confusingly from Kent in England. They were out testing their latest trailer which are kind of “off-road homes” and come with attached tents, cookers, fridges and spare batteries very much like an off road caravan in a trailer. Being such a poor driver myself I cannot imagine being able to tow anything “but what if I had to reverse?” I bleated…after watching them manoeuvre them all I can say that any reasonable driver can get used to them after a bit of practice…well that rules me out then!
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