Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 17 Aug 2006
Country Namibia
Weather Sunny
Diary Kunene River Camp & Epupa Falls. 17th & 18th August. The Rev. Ian Paisley and the Orangemen seem to have been mostly absent from our TV screens of late, but I have a cunning plan on how to re-launch their media careers….of course, get some “Orangewomen” The Himba tribe in the far north of Namibia perfectly fit this description and the world’s media would expend countless hours of film if Rev Paisley was flanked by a couple of the photogenic Himba ladies. The Himba were mostly ignored by the missionary modesty police and so have retained their traditional costume which consists of an animal skin “mini-skirt” and not much else except orange grease. This is made of animal fat, ground up rock and a nice smelling plant with which they smear all over their bodies and hair from when they reach puberty. They never wash, which our kids thought sounded like paradise. They just smear a little more grease on when it starts to wear off, and I can tell you it does get everywhere…whole supermarkets full of topless ladies leaving greasy orange fingerprints on everything is a little bizarre to say the least. We had an opportunity to visit a village and they were as fascinated by our kids as we were by them. They seem very fit and healthy despite being covered in a layer of orange fat and they explained that they often live to over 100….and they look superb for their age….maybe I could introduce “The Orange Beauty Treatment” to the “ladies who lunch” in Bath on my return…or maybe not!
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