Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 15 Aug 2006
Country Namibia
Diary Angolan Border (Twice) & Ruacana 15th & 16th A little bit of a problem surfaced at a police checkpoint on the road north from Etosha. When we had crossed the border we should have bought a “Cross Border Charge Permit” which is like temporary road tax, but the normally super efficient Clare had missed this at our entry point. Again, we’ve found in Africa you only get an answer to a direct question, so if you don’t know to ask “Do we need a Cross Border Charge Permit?” then you don’t get one causing problems later on. So we headed off to the border of Angola to get one, but the first crossing we went to didn’t sell them leaving us with no choice but to visit another one where we duly paid our N$140 (about £11) a lot of effort for a cheapish piece of paper…bet Angelina and Brad didn’t have these problems! Did ask about Angolan visas while we were there, but were told to apply for them in London! All this chasing about put us a little behind schedule meaning that we had to stay in Ruacana overnight, not that I have anything against Ruacana, but there isn’t really anything there except the kids did get to watch a cow being “butched” by the side of the road as I filled up with diesel….surprisingly they were quite interested, shows how much they have changed since leaving the UK. All the bars have interesting names, we saw a “Far Well Mr Happy Bar” a “Mad Dog Bar Number 4” I assume Mad Dog 1, 2 & 3 had been put down! I suppose the bar I should try was “The Big Oversize Bar Number 1”
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