Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 11 Aug 2006
Country Namibia
Weather Sunny
Diary Tsumeb 10th, 11th August A long, long day in the car for everyone. Over 450 miles is a real slog although the roads are all fast tar. On days like these there is not all that much for the kids to do. Ella usually occupies herself on her art although she should be doing her maths! Tess reads. Polly and Nye play well together with the odd question to Mum…”So Mum, were you born in 1663?” which kind of breaks the monotony a bit. It took about 9 hours to cover that distance so it was lucky that the campsite in Tsumeb is one of the best we’ve stayed at in a while with a play park for the kids and real soft, springy green grass sites. Bought a tyre the next day, only one available in a 235/85-16 size is a Bridgestone for about £130 (eeek!), but will do as a spare. HSBC (the world’s biggest bank) seem to have cancelled my ATM card (the world’s smallest account) ,god knows why. This is a bit of a problem, but we still have Visa to fall back on. Namibia seems a bit more expensive than SA and I suppose one of the main reasons for this is that about 80% of the food is imported at great expense from South Africa. The quality of accommodation etc is a lot less, but diesel is a bit cheaper at about 45 pence per litre (about £2 per imperial gallon). From here we’re heading to Etosha National Park.
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