Diary Day
Ella's Diary
Date 02 Sep 2006
Country South Africa
Weather Sunny
Diary HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREAT GRANNY. 100 TODAY! Happy birthday Great Granny! I wish we could be there. We hope you have a great, great birthday! We hope you got the present and like it. When we tell anyone our great granny will be 100 they all go “wow!!!” and are amazed. I was very surprised that a Himba woman could live to 100 covered in orange grease!. Lots of love XXXXXXXXX Tess. Did you know? Hyenas walk 25 miles per night to find food and when they get there the fish and chip shop is closed, they can also eat tyres and Dads boots and still live! Females are like the males but more dominant and larger! Cheetahs are the fastest mammal in the world running over 70mph! The Dik-Dik never ever has to drink water. The Puma can jump 5 metres high because it lives in the mountains. Blue Makos can leap 6m out the water. Snakes have been around over 100 million years. BUT none of these animals can live 100 years and are as amazing as you are, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love Ella, Tess, Polly and Nye XXXXXXXXXXXX We all really miss you and can’t wait to see you when we get back!
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