Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 04 Aug 2006
Country Botswana (Chobe NP)
Weather Sunny
Diary Lots of sandy roads after Moremi we entered chobe National Park, famed for its elephants. It has over 50000 of them and to be a bit honest I was having second thoughts about visiting as I’m having real problems with my youngest at the moment as it (LR with no name) is convinced it is an elephant…Got Clare to give it a stern talking to as I reckoned as she scares the hell out of me she just might convince LR with no name to pull itself together and drop these perverted fantasies. Arrived at Savuti camp at about 4pm so plenty of time to set up camp and get a meal ready before it got too dark. Anyway, Clare, Ella and Tess were off at the ablution block doing the washing up, Polly and Nye were in the rear roof tent and I was gazing into the campfire when out of the darkness wandered another elephant, grabbed the bull bar of LR with no name and started rocking the car up and down….well one thing I’ve learnt about elephants is they don’t like noise, so telling Polly and Nye to stay put I went round the front of the LR and in my loudest, sternest voice shouted “GERROUOFITELEPHANT!!”…this seemed to have the desired effect and I was aided by the arrival of a German guy in his LR who revved up his engine and flashed his lights after which the elephant sauntered off into the bush. The German guy got out of his car and was shaking like a leaf. He had been just about to sit down for his chicken supper when the aforementioned elephant had wondered into his camp picked up his dinner, eaten it and then drunk a six pack of beer…well I say drunk, but in fact it had eaten them, cans and all. It then drank his washing up water, stood on his chairs and table and rocked his LR where he was sheltering and then came over to us for desert “Look, I have the pictures” he said and showed me all his very, very blurred (I think he was shaking a bit) digital photos….my favourite was the elephant putting a six pack in its mouth. We all hurried to get into bed and I spent a rather sleepless night listening to lions romping outside…at least they would frighten off the elephant! Kids are now calling me “The Elephant Man” more after my skill at dealing with difficult elephants rather than my resemblance to Richard Herrick from the film of the same name…I hope. I really like elephants, they are kind of lovable hooligans….rather like prop forwards. PIC SHOWS: PROP FORWARDS AT SUNSET....OFF TO "THE STAR"
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