Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 03 Aug 2006
Country Botswana (Chobe NP)
Weather Sunny
Diary LR 110 CSW WRITES: I have tried my best to drop heavy hints to Ashley, but he just doesn’t understand how I feel. I WANT TO BE AN ELEPHANT! There, I’ve said it, I’ve come out of the closet and I hope my owner appreciates all the heavy hints I’ve been dropping ever since Kenya. I spilt my life blood all over the plains in Moremi as I wanted to be left to roam contentedly with the herd on the plains and through the forests of Africa, accepted by my fellow elephants as one of them! (Note: Well you can’t!! Don’t be so ridiculous, they would only use you and fling you aside…you’re a Land Rover and you don’t look anything like an elephant! Just pull yourself together or I’m going to have to stop letting you write. Ash) PIC SHOWS: SAD SIGHT OF LR BEING TOWED BY A TOYOTA!
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