Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 29 Jul 2006
Country Botswana (Maun)
Weather Sunny
Diary Sorry to come back to this constitution business again, but I have just learned via the BBC World Service that the British government produces over 13000 pages of new laws every year, that is 35.616438 pages per day and even though I admire their productivity I would suggest that this is about 35.6 pages too many (and they probably use Arial 6 point font). How many laws do they cancel then? The Dutch government are going in the right direction with a law (!!) that says that for every new law the government introduce they have to cancel one. I have a better idea that for every law a government introduces they have to cancel two (or three) then in a hundred years or so, my descendants will at last live in a free society. Just heard from not quite my father-in-law and he says “Lords prayer - 56 words,10 commandments -126 words, US Declaration of Independence -1320 words, EU Convention of the importation of caramel- 26,274 words” Says it all really!
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