Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 28 Jul 2006
Country Botswana (Kubu)
Weather Sunny
Diary We decided (Clare decided) that we have not been roughing it very much lately and so off to Kubu island we set. Kubu island is only surrounded by water during the wet season. I decided to let the kids drive as I don’t really enjoy it very much and the kids have to learn how to drive at some point. I haven’t really gone mad as much of the trip is on salt flats, miles and miles of smooth, flat well…salt. Kids kept asking about where the fish & chips were and was the Welsh national anthem really translated from the Welsh as “Whales, Whales, bloody great fishes are Whales. They swim in the sea, we eat them for tea, and sprinkle salt over their tails” (Copyright Mossy Jones) Anyway Ella was the big surprise of the day…a really excellent driver, better than Clare and me combined (although thinking about it that is not really that difficult!) Shame she isn’t 17 yet or she could act as our chauffer. Polly spent most of her time shouting at the top of her voice “STUPID FAT BOTTOM LAND ROVER - GO THAT WAY!!!” not thinking she actually had to steer or anything. Reached the island unscathed (although I think the LR with no name is beginning to hate me for LR abuse) and camped under a giant baobab tree. Tess tried out her new bow and arrows and became quite proficient very quickly, she’ll soon be off hunting vegetables with it (Whether she’ll actually eat any is yet to be seen). I’m quite surprised how powerful a weapon it is and have banned her from shooting it if any of us except Clare is in front of her. We are tending to Braai everything at the moment and I must say that I will be able to host a pretty good BBQ on my return…I can incinerate just about anything now. PIC SHOWS: WHERE ARE OUR FISH & CHIPS DAD.
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