Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 25 Jul 2006
Country Botswana
Weather Sunny
Diary Currency in Botswana is the “Pula” which means rain. I suggest we change the name of the “Pound Sterling” to “Sun”…who knows might even make the climate seem a bit better….or at least the rest of the world would regard us Brits as consummate optimists! As far as I’m concerned there are only two types of countries in the world. Dusty or muddy. I’m sure you could argue that these two classifications could be further divided into different levels of dustiness or muddiness such as very, very dusty or very, very, very muddy and I guess that Botswana would fall (like Sudan) at least in July to the very, very dusty category. Rainfall in July and August is practically zero although they do get a lot of rain in the Botswanian Summer when it would be very, very muddy…can’t quite see where this is going but maybe tourist brochures should replace rainfall totals in print with degrees of dustiness or muddiness….better stop there I think, before I bore everyone to death. PIC SHOWS: OUR BRAVE HUNTER OFF TO HUNT THOSE PESKY VEGGIES.
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