Diary Day
's Diary
Date 17 Jul 2006
Country South Africa (Kruger National Park)
Weather Sunny, but v cold at night.
Diary Checked into Skukuza Camp, the staff were really, really rude….couldn’t quite believe how rude they were…they even questioned the parentage of the kids, to which I replied “What, you don’t have families with four children in SA then?” I felt compelled to write in the comments book: “Very rude staff! I am over here on a family holiday after a very stressful World Cup in Germany and I can’t believe that South Africa will be ready to hold the World Cup finals in 2010. Signed it S. Blatter (FIFA) and added the PS. I will inform President Mbeki who was responsible if South Africa are not allowed to host it!” Should put the wind up them for a bit at least! The campsite was stuffed to bursting point and the gates opened at 6 am to disgorge the mass of tourists loose on the small furry creatures. The South Africans start their 4.2 litre Toyota diesels at 4.30am (to warm them up?) sounding like a panzer division about to embark on operation Barbarosa, the invasion of Russia! Shame the south of the Kruger is so crowded – Don’t come to the south of the Kruger is the lesson as a queue of 16 cars, 12 minibuses and a couple of coaches line up to see a moth eaten electric lion, imported from Japan , with “real” battery powered lifelike twitching ears. I should point out at this stage that we are probably a bit spoilt as we have been in a lot of National Parks in other countries where it feels as if we are the only people around! Decide to take the dirt roads which are empty as no Toyota Landcruiser owner would risk getting their vehicle dusty…god forbid!
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