Diary Day
Ella's Diary
Date 10 Jul 2006
Country South Africa (St Lucia)
Weather Sunny
Diary 10th July 10, 2006 St. Lucia Ella’s Diary We went whale watching today (well dad didn’t)-he gets seasick. We saw humpbacks; they are the 5th biggest animal in the world! It took a while for them to get used to the boat but in the end the relaxed and started Breaching and doing tail sails and flips upsidown! Unfortunately we didn’t get a go picture of them breaching. Whale facts • The blue whale can grow up to 30m!!!- Also the largest animal that has ever lived! • Humpback Whales are the 5th biggest animal that has ever lived (13-14m)! • Humpbacks travel 8000km a year (4800m). • Most whales can actually go 50kmh.
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