Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 10 Jul 2006
Country South Africa (St Lucia & Cape Vidal)
Weather Sunny & Warm!
Diary ST LUCIA & CAPE VIDAL As I have mentioned although daytime temperatures are very comfortable it really is very cold indeed at night. This has meant we’ve been blowing the budget a bit and staying in chalets instead of camping as much. One way round this was to head off down to the distinctly tropical climes of the coast north of Durban. We are kind of burning time until the South African school holidays end on 10th July so we can have the Kruger National Park to ourselves (almost) The campsite booking staff were really, really surly and rude until they realised we were on holiday from the UK and not Afrikaners, a long history to get over I suppose…anyway they were absolutely charming to us after. Campsite was lovely as are most in South Africa. Only problem was the dreaded monkeys. One of these little buggers got into the back of the Land Rover (through a door seal??) and stole a packet of cheese and onion crisps I had been saving for our poor, hungry children’s bi-annual treat. Polly, of course, as only Polly can be was outraged and spent hours tracking the thief down to “tell it off! I did warn her that it might have rabies and an AK47, but it didn’t deter her. “What are we going to have as a treat now Dad?” she asked….My suggestion of fried monkey brains was not appreciated by 3 of the 4 children, the exception being Polly whose concept of revenge is well developed. Bought a catapult the next day which even the mere sight of was enough to make the monkeys run. Next to the catapult in the shop was a used .38 S&W revolver for about £70 and a 9mm pistol for £85. I must say I was tempted, I’ve always fancied having a gun after playing with AK47s on the Pakistan/Afghan border and buying sticks of dynamite in Bolivia to blow rocks up with. I had hours of innocent fun with my BSA Meteor air rifle as a kid, but I just know I’d end up blowing a hole in my leg or another more vital part of my anatomy and besides which Tony Blair says “Ashley Rawlings is a little kid and in no way should be trusted with automatic weapons” in this case I tend to agree with him. Kids went out whale watching with Clare and spotted a few humpbacks. Camped with Erwin and Suzanne who arrived in George of the Jungle, their 300TDI Land Rover…It was nice, a bit of company for the Land Rover with no name and the kids in raptures with “Evil Erwins” story telling. We all watched the World Cup final together and all the Black lads were cheering for France out of Pan-African solidarity and looking at the French team I think Angola had more white folk. Zidane has always been one of my favourite footballers and his head butt was quality. Even a rugby player would have been proud of it, shame Zidane is quite short and only hit Matterazzi (I think) on the chest, it would have been more spectacular on the nose! The Italians must have an Australian “sledging” coach…you know…how to wind up your opposite number and get them sent off. Anyway, farewell Zidane and have a great retirement…players like you make football almost interesting! PIC SHOWS: DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS MAD WOMAN!
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