Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 25 Jun 2006
Country South Africa (Pretoria)
Diary PRETORIA 25 June Rolled across country to Pretoria as the LR needed to go into LR East Rand (Jo’burg) for a little bit of warranty work on its roof…”Yes sir, they all do that, Land Rover have a policy of MEE (Midget empowerment employment) and they are the ones who put the roof on, unfortunately they can’t reach to actually secure them” Could I suggest it might be better to get the short lads at Solihull to work on say the wheel nuts and bumpers! We decided to camp in Pretoria as we had heard that Jo’burg is a little bit on the dangerous side. So, we found an extremely cold campsite at Roodeport Dam and sure enough the temp plummeted to -1 that night. Took LR 110 CSW in at 7am and bade it farewell for its op….didn’t actually shed any tears though I hasten to add (just in case anyone thinks I’m falling for its rugged charms) PIC SHOWS: POLLY WAS 8 ON 23/06/06
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