Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 21 Jun 2006
Country South Africa (Nelspruit)
Weather Sunny
Diary Arrived at the border of Mozambique and South Africa to be greeted by bored, lacklustre immigration officials with glazed over eyes…same as any developed country then…I don’t expect a party atmosphere or anything but a smile and a “Welcome to…….” costs nothing. Headed for Nelspruit and arrived in the dark….although it wasn’t…ahhh street lights a forgotten concept since leaving Europe, turned night into day…sort of. The next day I phoned the importer of Old Man Emu shock absorbers in Johannesburg to ask him about my incontinent rear shocks. Within 10 minutes their rep in Nelspruit was peering under the car saying “Sorry, I don’t have them in stock, but I can get them for 9am tomorrow” Wonderful service and a real no quibble guarantee of 2 years. Well done 4X4MegaWorld, wonderful service www.4x4megaworld.co.za a real contrast to the dealer in the UK who sold them to me who hasn’t even bothered to answer my email after three weeks…Hope that makes you feel guilty Chris at TBR UK! Decided to spend the day visiting a laundrette and washing absolutely everything. Even treated the car to a wash and vac…the first vacuum it had seen since leaving Britain…remains of lunches from Turkey, Egypt, Sudan etc still partially identifiable sucked up and disposed of, a real Land Hovel really. Very surprised we didn’t have several families of rogue rodents living off the detritus in the car. Cost £3 to have the car valeted…they even polished the (knackered) tyres! PIC SHOWS: A BIT OF REORGANISATION REQUIRED!
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