Diary Day
tess's Diary
Date 10 Jun 2006
Country Mozambique
Weather Sunny
Diary TESS’ DIARY Yesterday Mum, Ella, Polly, Nye and I went on a boat trip to an island off the coast in the Bazuruto archepelego called Maranguera. We went with a few other people that we had met at the campsite. Ella, Polly, Nye and I sat on the front of the boat and looked out for fish and dolphins. It was really shallow because it was low tide. The boat was a sailing boat with a motor so we sped across the sea. We didn’t see much only something that we were not sure what it was though (some kind of fish I think.) It took a while to get to the island but when we got close it was so deep and it was really close to the sure. We saw lots of jellyfish that were blue. Then a man on the boat said dolphins and they were really close! We saw their fins come out, there were about three of them!!!!! We went to the sure and anchored the boat. We climbed off onto the beach. There was really white sand! We got our snorkelling gear on to go snorkelling and everyone else was already snorkelling! Ella, Polly, Mum and I walked to the bit to go snorkelling. We had flippers on and they are really hard to walk in. We walked to the sharp rocky bit in the water. I slipped and fell to my side and scraped my hand and leg and also bruised my leg. I got up and my hand bled so badly. We were near the drop of were it gets so deep. I rinsed my hand in the water and then remembered sharks lived in the Indian Ocean and I walked back quickly. Mum and Ella also came back and Mum said we could go later. We went back to the beach and Polly was waiting for us. I wrapped a tissue around my hand. While Mum snorkelled I sat on the boat with Ella and Polly and we watched. I just deleted half my work so I won’t write much. We went to the school and there were no desks and in the teachers room there was no desk. The teacher sat and talked to our boatman on the beach all afternoon when he was meant to be teaching. We built big sand 3d animals and mine was a really big humpback whale. The boat came and we left and got back when it was nearly dark. ( there were lots of washed up jellyfish.)
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