Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 09 Jun 2006
Country Mozambique
Weather Sunny
Diary THE ART OF BEING PREPARED: For the first time on this trip we are running into the very well prepared South Africans whose kit and level of organisation put my amateur ‘muddle through’ attitude to shame. One such group of three blokes were on the campsite at Ihla de Mozambique (and since you ask they liked Ihla a lot-score 4-1 to Big Tone) These lads had 16 large plastic boxes of food from SA, their own diesel and petrol supplies in 40 gallon drums and luxury of luxuries…’crew’, one guy they had hired in the south of Mozambique to do all their cooking, washing, packing, unpacking etc etc…wow, I was jealous. PIC SHOWS USING THE SANDLADDERS FOR THE FIRST TIME (ON A TOYOTA THINGY)
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