Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 10 Jun 2006
Country Mozambique
Weather Wet
Diary Vilankulo Bob Dylan has obviously not been to the beach in Mozambique. “The skies are aqua blue” according to our Bob, but on arrival in Vilankulo I could have sworn I was in Scotland again….22,000 miles to get to a white sand beach with rain lashing down and cold, cold, cold…. (It is supposed to be the dry season here, but my personal rain cloud just likes to follow me around) the only difference is here you have a wee dram of rum to warm up, not Scotch. After two days of this the sun has finally come out and the skies are….aqua blue, so maybe Bob was here on a good day after all. Kids have gone snorkelling on the reef with Clare whilst I catch up on a little LR TLC and trying to get the water filter to filter water at more than 1 litre per hour. PIC SHOWS KIDS ON THE WAY TO SNORKELLING
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