Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 06 Jun 2006
Country Mozambique
Weather Sunnyish
Diary A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: Mozambique is full of one legged people, the only advantages I can find to this is you could team up with someone who had lost the other leg and only pay for half a pair of shoes, or you could get 10 people together for a ten pin bowling tournament….as the skittles….I really don’t know how to make any sense of this in any other way…man’s inhumanity to their fellow man never ceases to confuse and puzzle me. Landmines are abhorrent and selling Renamo and Frelimo these deadly weapons when the sellers must have known they wouldn’t keep any records of where they had been planted or where flood waters would take them really is ….well…just….words fail me. I’m taking my own precautions although Clare is getting a bit suspicious of why I am suddenly walking 20 paces behind her. The civil war between the Marxist Frelimo and the South African backed ideologically challenged Renamo lasted for 17 years after the Portuguese left and ended in the early 90s. Organisations such as the Halo Trust are much in evidence and are doing the dirty work of clearing up the mess left by the landmine criminals. I really wouldn’t fancy their jobs.
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