Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 30 May 2006
Country Malawi (South of Monkey Bay)
Weather Sunny
Diary PLANS FROM HERE. Well, it looks like Clare has got her way and is going to drag us kicking and screaming to Isla Mozambique (an old colonial city in the north of Mozambique) along 600 kms of dirt roads. I'm not all that keen on beaches, but I do like seafood and rum, so it will probably work out fine. From there we plan to head to SA, probably via Zimbabwe if we can afford the visas....may be in SA in two or 3 weeks...we'll see. PIC SHOWS: ANOTHER PRODUCT THAT DOESN'T WORK. I ALWAYS EXPECT TO WAKE UP AS SNOW WHITE, BUT WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR I'M STILL AN UGLY PROP FORWARD.
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