Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 26 May 2006
Country Malawi Kande Beach
Weather Sunny
Diary Kande Beach To Lilongwe Woodcarvers outside the campsite cornered me on my way back from the village….”Do you have anything like tee-shirts or shoes to swap for carvings?” They obviously hadn’t really been paying attention to what I was wearing… Lets have a look from the ground up shall we…1 X pair desert boots with half a lace in left boot and no lace at all in right boot. 1 X pair of black M&S socks with multiple holes. 1 X pair of Combe Down RFC rugby shorts with multiple repairs in red, black and white cotton, 1 X pair XXXXL M&S pants….no, I don’t even want to go into these (and you would be advised not to either) 1X High and Mighty (Short and Stumpy?) shirt with two buttons missing around the tummy region, yes, I’ve always been taught that it isn’t what you wear, but how you wear it that counts and boy do I carry clothes off well! PIC SHOWS THAT THE KIDS AREN'T STARVING GRANNY!
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