Diary Day
ashley's Diary
Date 24 May 2006
Country Malawi (Livingstonia & Kande Beach)
Diary MALAWI: Crossed the border on 17th May and headed up to Livingstonia for the night. Visas are FREE for Brits…must be about the only place where they are!! Even a forex exchange place. Easy and relaxed. Blotted my copybook when I asked for a beer in the Scottish Presbyterian Mission canteen….I should have known really. The road up to Livingstonia turned the kids and Clare into white, shaking heaps of jelly with wet muddy roads and 300 metre drop offs…Land Rover never put a tyre wrong…luckily. Next day headed for Kande Beach on Lake Malawi where we seem to have spent the last 5 days and nights camping on the sand and doing…well…doing errr not a lot. It’s nice to have some relaxing times…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz YES,WE HAVE NO BANANAS.
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